3 Evening Dresses to Be the Queen of The Party

3 Evening Dresses to Be the Queen of The Party
May 19, 2018 Comments Off on 3 Evening Dresses to Be the Queen of The Party Lifestyle Editorial Staff

We were already announcing that the 2018 collection has come stomping, the designers have created very special party and Wedding Florist.


We are at a time of the year when many plans come up, behind me the winter, a cold season in which what I most want is to be at home watching movies sitting on the sofa, covered with the blanket. It’s time to go out, to enjoy the warm summer nights, to attend parties, cocktails and afternoon weddings.


The dresses we have selected today are party dresses belonging to the Satine collection by Valerio Luna, ideal for the night, very exclusive, glamorous and elegant at the same time. We anticipate that with any of them you will not go unnoticed, you will become literally the queen of the party, you are warned.


Black is the main color of this first design, with several layers of tulle, applications and crystals. It seems ideal to go to a cocktail party or a night party. What do you think of you? A dress that says it all on its own. Choose very simple accessories and wedding florist that do not recharge the look.


The range of blues is quite broad but, what do you tell us about this blue in particular? We love it, it is very cheerful and bright. A dress with a lot of movement made with top quality fabrics. Ideal to attend an afternoon wedding.

We show you the full dress below, on the cover we showed you a brushstroke of it. With multiple pieces of fabric contrasting the body with the skirt, this very particular, shorter front and longer behind. The peak neckline is very sensual, resulting in a spectacular party dress.

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