Sola Flowers: How to Save Them

Sola Flowers: How to Save Them
June 13, 2018 Comments Off on Sola Flowers: How to Save Them Lifestyle Editorial Staff

The quality of the Sola Flower has increased more and more, becoming a great option to decorate different environments, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. The great advantage they bring is that, in addition to leaving the spaces more beautiful and pleasant, they do not take care of the natural flowers. When making use of the artificial, you do not have to worry about sun exposure, location, irrigations, fertilizer, the right kind of land, among other things. Regardless of these factors, you will always have beautiful looking and healthy-looking flowers. Despite these facilities, some tasks will be necessary so that your Sola Flower Centerpiece are always beautiful and last for a long period.

Check out some of them:

avoid exposing them to the sun. The solar luminosity leaves them faded and reduces their durability;

remove the accumulated dust sporadically, washing them with neutral detergent and plenty of water;

when it is time to put them to dry, leave them upside down, away from the sun;

do not use soap powder, as the product also causes fading and even modifies the texture of them.


Tips on how to choose them

  •        prefer models with colors and shapes close to reality. Besides being more beautiful, they are often confused with true ones;
  •        also prefer those that have foliage. The spice gives an even more natural and positive touch to the arrangement;
  •        opting for arrangements with roots and spines will guarantee more reality to the piece;
  •        choose flowers or plants that you have more appreciation or those that will give a differential to the decoration. Orchids and lilies are great options as they are lightweight and combine with any environment.

Set of Sola Flower Plants

  •        try always to combine the colors of the flowers and also of the pots so that the environment is in total harmony. An interesting suggestion is to blend the sola flower centerpiece with the perfumed ones or even to invest in ambient flavorings. This will guarantee beauty and pleasant smell to the environment;
  •        if you are not sure about the arrangement, because you think people will notice that the flowers are not true, arrange the plants in a place of passage. That way, your guests will pass through them without noticing them;
  •        arranging the flowers in pots that already have natural plants, as well as adding other materials like moss or bark of trees in the container is another way to achieve an arrangement with an even more natural appearance.
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