Sola Bridal Bouquet Singapore

Sola Bridal Bouquet Singapore
May 19, 2018 Comments Off on Sola Bridal Bouquet Singapore Lifestyle Editorial Staff

Wedding dress

If there is something that excites us very much in the planning of our wedding is to find our ideal dress, but often our dreams are shattered when we see the price. If you are a bride with limited budget looking for how to save on your wedding dress this post is for you.


Season of offers.  Although in wedding dresses it is not as common to find discount seasons as in the clothes we wear regularly, some Sola Bridal Bouquet change their styles every year and offer very attractive discounts for the styles of past seasons.


Buy a used dress.  Believe it or not, many brides are willing to sell their dresses, and even before we took this advice crazy, today with the popularity of the trend in green weddings, buying a used dress does not sound bad. Just publish in a Facebook group what you are looking for and immediately you will have a list of options.


Rent a dress.  Another idea that comes to life thanks to ecological weddings and is that wearing a designer dress at an exceptional price does not have a hint of madness. Either way, the purchased dresses are not exclusive designs so nobody will know if you had the same taste as some other bride.


Samples. Most sola bridal bouquets use the samples to embroider the styles to the brides who are going to try on them and usually get rid of them when the season has passed. Look for samples if you want to find an irresistible price and if you have a good dressmaker, since most of the time the samples are very large.

Hire a dressmaker If you are not afraid of the result of your dress and you have full confidence in the person who makes it, you can hire a dressmaker. Besides saving, you can choose the design you love.

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